Soffit Ventilation


     Roof ventilation works by convection. Warm air rises out the vents located in the upper most portion of your roof, creating a negative pressure in your attic. This air is then replaced with fresh air which is pulled through the soffit vents located underneath the eaves by the gutters. The purpose of soffit vents is to bring fresh air into your attic, drying and cooling off roof boards, replacing hot moist air with fresh dry air, and allows your attic to “breathe”.


     Attic Experts can inspect your current soffit ventilation, assess any needs, and provide you with a detailed evaluation of how our soffit ventilation services can improve your home’s ventilation system. Most homes are under ventilated, not having nearly the number of soffit vents they need. Additionally, many of the vents we encounter are installed improperly and give a false sense of security. It is very common to find the wood has not been cut out properly, blocking the incoming air, yielding only a fraction of the vent's full potential. 

What is hiding behind your soffit? 

     Many of the soffits we encounter give a false sense of security. It is very common to find the wood has not been cut out, blocking the incoming air, and preventing any air flow at all from the soffit.

Wood hiding behind perforated soffit. This soffit is completely blocked and unable to breathe.

Wood has now been removed to allow adequate intake air flow prior to the installation of perforated soffit.

Benefits of Proper Soffit Ventilation:

       A consistent flow of fresh air throughout the attic and roof helps prevent heat from escaping, which means your heating and air conditioning units work less. This can help lower your energy bill.

  Poor attic ventilation can be one of the reasons why a homeowner might need to replace their roof prematurely. Soffit ventilation systems have small holes integrated into the material  that allow a continuous stream of air to flow through, which helps to prevent mold, mildew, and wood rot.

 Soffit ventilation prevents warm moisture from lingering in the attic space, reducing the risk of mold growth.

 Adequate soffit ventilation helps increase ventilation for your roof and attic. Allowing the attic space to match the temperature of the ambient air. This prevents premature snow melt in the winter months and ultimately helps prevent ice dams.

 Adequate ventilation helps prevent issues such as moisture buildup and mold, which are common concerns for homeowners. Insurance companies may view your property as less susceptible to damage, potentially leading to lower insurance premiums.


     Attic Experts have over 20+ years of experience in attic ventilation and insulation. We bring that knowledge and dedication to quality to every project we perform. We are a licensed and insured, family owned and operated business, servicing the Tri-Cities and surrounding areas. As a Consumers Energy Preferred Contractor and Certified Mold Remediator, you can count on us. Let us conduct a FREE thorough inspection and detailed evaluation of your attic. We’re the one to call for all your attic ventilation services! 

Our Attic Experts can inspect your attic’s current ventilation, assess any needs, and provide you with a detailed evaluation of how you can improve your home’s ventilation system. 

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