Are insulation and debris choking off your soffits?

    It is not uncommon to find perfectly vented soffits unable to breathe because the air flow has not been protected. 

What are baffles?

    Baffles are simply flow-directing panels that are used to direct the flow of a liquid or gas.  Attic baffles, also known as insulation stops or rafter vents, are panels which are installed along the roof boards on the lower portion of your attic. These panels provide a protected space between the vented soffits and insulation in your attic. They prevent the blockage of airflow from either blown in insulation or fiberglass batts, allow the air in your attic to flow freely from the soffit, and direct it up and along the roof boards. 

Insulation blocking air flow from the soffits.


Most homes have insufficient or improperly installed baffles blocking off air flow to the soffits. Baffles protect soffit vents from being clogged or covered by insulation and debris. When installed properly, baffles should be installed between every truss above the soffit to provide proper airflow from the outside air and the attic. This allows the stale air in your attic to circulate. Proper air flow will help eliminate moisture and will regulate the temperature of your attic. 

Baffles also keep attic insulation off your roof deck. This precaution is critical in Michigan winters when the formation of condensation is more likely where the attic insulation comes into direct contact with the roof. Proper baffle installation helps to prevent potential condensation on roof decks.


    Baffles are an important part of attic ventilation. Soffit vents provide intake ventilation. Exhaust vents on your roof direct the flow of air up and out of your attic. Baffles ensure this pathway is protected. 

Proper air circulation in your attic can prevent:


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