Animal Intrusions

Are unwanted animals living in your home? 

Do you hear frequent noises, sounds, and disturbances coming from your attic?  Crawling, scurrying, and running noises are almost 100% rodents or other wildlife loose in your attic.

     Animal intrusions are when unwanted guests enter our homes via the attic. Attics can be a safe haven for many pests including bats, squirrels, and racoons. Pests leave behind unhealthy urine and feces which can not only cause stinky odors, but can also lead to respiratory disorders, and carry potential parasites and diseases. It is also not uncommon to find chewed electrical wiring presenting a potential fire hazard. 


Skunks and Raccoons 

    These animals can carry diseases like rabies, leptospirosis, and worse. They’ll defend themselves with claws, teeth, and spraying if they feel threatened. There are times when these vermin will leave on their own, but if they got in once, they can again, and that’s when you call a professional. Raccoons are extremely destructive. Once the animal has been removed and sealed out for good, our experts will inspect your home for rotted wood, holes gnawed, and other evidence of damage from the unwanted guests.

Rats and Mice 

     Rats and mice build nests in attics where there is easy access in and out (like a hotel). Conventional rat traps and or baited traps are good methods for removing these rodents. Though these creatures are small, they can wreak major havoc in your home. 


     Chittering noises, running sounds, and insulation that has been removed are signs of squirrels. Locate the entry points (usually soffit or roof vents and eave gaps). A sheet of steel mesh in the entryways into the attic can deter squirrels, but getting them out is key. 


     You may hear bats moving around, scratching, or squeaking in the early morning and evening. You may also hear high-pitched chirping or the sound of their wings flapping through insulation. Bats may enter attics for a variety of reasons, including to hibernate, give birth, or take shelter from the weather. They can squeeze through an opening the size of a dime. They typically roost in the same location and give off their location by looking for guano. While bats can be beneficial to the local ecosystem because they eat insects and mosquitoes, bat infestations can also cause health risks and unsightly messes. Bat guano can corrode wood and drywall, and it can also grow mold that's dangerous to inhale. You should avoid direct contact with bats, as they may bite if they feel threatened, and you should seek immediate medical attention if you are bitten or scratched. 

No matter what kind of critter you have in your attic, be sure to get it removed 

As Soon As Possible! 

This will help to minimize damage and the spread of disease in your home. 

     Here at Attic Experts we can effectively identify and seal off any entry points, keeping the animals at bay. We can also safely remove guano, feces, and any contaminated insulation. We finish the sterilization process by fogging the attic with a Commercial grade Odorcide/ Antimicrobial, restoring your home to a clean healthy environment. 

DNR Certified for Animal Removal

   Our Attic Experts are DNR certified to trap and remove animals. Our highly trained staff utilize specialized cameras with 24 hour monitoring of traps. Animals are removed and humanly relocated whenever possible. Once assured that all animals have been removed, our professional team will begin the next phase, which is ensuring the animals cannot come back.

Sealing and Exclusion

     Once the animals have been removed. Points of entry will be identified and sealed off. An exclusion device that’s called a one-way door or exit tunnel can help animals get out of your attic, but will not allow them back in. Our experts will be able to determine if an exit tunnel is right for your attic or situation. The months between March and July might mean there are babies present. If that’s the case, special care must be taken for their removal to comply with local environmental laws.

Clean and repair

     Attic Experts have specialized protective gear and equipment to safely remove guano, feces, and any contaminated insulation. We then finish the sterilization process by fogging the attic with a commercial grade Odorcide/Antimicrobial, restoring your home to a clean healthy environment. When our animal intrusion services are finished, your attic will be clean, sterile, and guarded against future problems.


Attic Experts has over 20+ years of experience in animal intrusions. We bring that knowledge and dedication to quality to every project we perform. We are a licensed and insured, family owned and operated business, servicing the Tri-Cities and surrounding areas. DNR certified for animal abatement and removal, you can count on us to remove the animals, seal off all points of entry, and restore your attic to a clean and healthy environment. Let us conduct a FREE thorough inspection and detailed evaluation of your attic. We’re the one to call for Attic Animal Intrusions!

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