Bathroom Vents

Are your bath fans vented properly? 

If not, your attic might look like this: 

      A common problem we have found in Michigan is improperly vented kitchen and bath fans. The majority of the exhaust fans we encounter are either improperly ventilated or vent directly into the attic. The vast majority of mold remediation jobs we work on are caused by improperly vented bath fans. 

Bath fan 1 venting directly into attic.

Bath fan 2 also venting directly into the attic.

The result: ATTIC MOLD!

Improperly vented bath fans can cause

Excessive Moisture Build up 

• Mold growth and rot, creating an unhealthy environment for your home.

• Damage to existing insulation

A properly ventilated bath fan should be ventilated with insulated duct and vent directly out the roof to ensure 100% of the moisture is removed to the outdoors. Our experienced professionals can install a new bath fan or properly vent your existing fan. With Attic Experts’ expertise, you can rest assure your bathroom vent installation has been done right!

Bath fan vented with insulated duct.

Why do we use insulated ducts?

   Insulated duct not only ensures there is no heat transfer from the hot moist air and resulting condensation within the attic space. It also allows the air to maintain temperature until vented outside. This prevents condensation from forming within the duct and flowing back down into your fan causing mold and mildew on your bathroom ceiling.

Our experienced professionals can install a new bath fan or properly vent your existing fan out the roof. 


     Attic Experts have over 20+ years of experience in attic ventilation and insulation. We bring that knowledge and dedication to quality to every project we perform. We are a licensed and insured, family owned and operated business, servicing the Tri-Cities and surrounding areas. As a Consumers Energy Preferred Contractor and Certified Mold Remediator, you can count on us. Let us conduct a FREE thorough inspection and detailed evaluation of your attic. We’re the one to call for all your attic ventilation services!

Our Attic Experts can inspect your attic’s current ventilation, assess any needs, and provide you with a detailed evaluation of how you can improve your home’s ventilation system.

When you want something done right, 

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