Attic  ventilation isn’t something you probably think about. But it is a very important part of the comfort and energy efficiency of your home. Having proper attic ventilation can increase the life span of your roof, control moisture and mold build up, and help regulate the temperature of your home, thereby cutting down heating and cooling costs.

How does attic ventilation work?

     Proper Attic ventilation includes intake vents pulling air in at  your soffits (soffit vents) and exhaust vents releasing warm humid air high up in your roof. Exhaust vents include ridge vent, attic vents, and solar fans. Baffles are protective columns that are installed inside the attic along the roof boards down at the soffit. They protect the air flow from being hindered by insulation and debris and help channel the air up along the roof decks. 

     Soffit vents, baffles, solar fans, and exhaust vents work together to allow proper airflow in your attic. When installed correctly, fresh air is allowed to enter the attic, cooling and drying off roof boards, preserving the life of your roof, preventing moisture build up in the winter, and keeping your attic and home cool in the hot summer months. Our Attic Experts can inspect your attic’s current ventilation, assess any needs, and provide you with a detailed evaluation of how our attic ventilation services can improve your home’s ventilation system.

Why is adequate attic ventilation important?

     In the summer, heat radiates on your home and attics can reach temperatures up to 130 degrees or higher. At these temperatures your shingles will begin to buckle and curl. Without proper ventilation attics can easily reach 130 degrees or hotter. At these temperatures, living spaces below can become unbearable. 

     In the winter, warm air rises into the attic from the heated living space and warms the roof deck, prematurely melting the snow. This water runs down the roof and freezes along the cooler outer edge. As this process continues, the ice builds up blocking the run off, and the water backs up under the shingles, creating significant damage and costly repairs. 

     Without proper ventilation, humidity from your home can become trapped in your attic. Once it reaches the cooler attic air, it condenses. This moisture not only creates a breeding ground for mold and mildew, it can ruin attic insulation and deteriorate the internal structure of your roof.

Signs of poor attic ventilation:

Proper Attic Ventilation will:

• Keep your house cooler in the summer months

• Prevent premature roof failure

• Remove harmful moisture in the winter which could lead to mold and rot.  

• Prevent Ice dams

How can you increase your attic ventilation?


     Attic Experts have over 20+ years of experience in attic ventilation and insulation. We bring that knowledge and dedication to quality to every project we perform. We are a licensed and insured, family owned and operated business, servicing the Tri-Cities and surrounding areas. As a Consumers Energy Preferred Contractor and Certified Mold Remediator, you can count on us. Let us conduct a FREE thorough inspection and detailed evaluation of your attic. We’re the one to call for all your attic ventilation services! 

Our Attic Experts can inspect your attic’s current ventilation, assess any needs, and provide you with a detailed evaluation of how you can improve your home’s ventilation system. 

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